Real Property

Sharon Wilson & Co. offers comprehensive legal services in the area of real property. Our client base includes a mix of private and institutional clients. The Firm has been instructed by all of the onshore commercial banks in The Bahamas and by insurance companies to act on their behalf in real property transactions.

Sharon Wilson & Co. has also acted on behalf of land developers; advising on obtaining all necessary government approval, including town planning and subdivision approval and, if required, approval for non Bahamians seeking to own land in The Bahamas.

To assist where necessary, Sharon Wilson & Co. maintains linkages with relevant professionals, such as land surveyors, so as to ensure that our clients are given practical and relevant advice.

Sharon Wilson & Co. maintains a title search department staffed by well trained and experienced title search professionals. As a result of the Firm’s wide client base, the Firm is familiar with the title of extensive areas of Bahamian land. This allows the Firm to conduct its own title searches in an accurate, timely and cost efficient manner.

For additional information on our available real property services please contact

Sharlyn R. Smith