Malta Signs Tax Info Sharing Pact With The Bahamas

1/23/2012 8:00:00 AM
by Phillip Morton, Investors
23 January 2012

Malta on January 18, 2012, signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the Bahamas, to enable the two nations' tax authorities to share tax information on request.

The signing on January 18 took place at the Malta High Commission in London between the High Commissioner of the Bahamas to the Court of St James, Paul Farquharson, and the High Commissioner of Malta to the Court of St James, Joseph Zammit Tabona.

Tabona said the Agreement “is instrumental for bilateral relations to be strengthened” and said it “demonstrated good practice in the global financial sector.” Farquharson added that “this level of cooperation…signifies the goodwill that exists between our two countries.”

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